You should be happy to know that Scottsdale residents can rejuvenate their appearances with BOTOX® injections. This incredibly popular solution has helped countless consumers erase fine lines and wrinkles at the brow and around the eyes. Whether you struggle with crow’s feet, frown lines, or other dynamic wrinkles, this could be the perfect treatment for you.

Turn Back the Hands of Time On Your Face

Dynamic wrinkling is not the result of sun damage, normal wear, or any general breakdown in your skin’s integrity. Instead, these creases are caused by built-up tension in the skin’s foundation. When you use your facial muscles to express emotion, whether smiling or frowning, small amounts of tension are accumulated. In time, this tension can create tiny cracks in the smooth, supportive layer of collagen that lies just beneath your skin. It is these cracks that manifest at the skin’s surface as dynamic wrinkles. Whenever your facial muscles are fully relaxed, the collagen will lie flat and the dynamic creases will fade or disappear.

BOTOX® injections encourage select facial muscles to go into a prolonged state of relaxation. This minimizes many early signs of aging by blocking the nerve signals that control facial movements. As tension abates in the treatment area, you’ll be able to maintain a line-free and far more youthful appearance even when actively smiling or frowning.

Stave Off the Development of New Dynamic Wrinkles

The injector only injects very small amounts of BOTOX® into the targeted facial areas during these visits. As a result, it’s possible for patients to continue making many natural-looking facial expressions, even as their dynamic wrinkles are effectively smoothed away. Not only is this an excellent non-surgical wrinkle treatment, but it’s also a highly effective method of wrinkle prevention. As such, even if dynamic wrinkles have yet to appear, Scottsdale residents can still use BOTOX® injections to maintain their smooth and youthful-looking skin for years to come.

Get the Look You Want Without Surgery

BOTOX® injections offer Scottsdale locals a quick and entirely hassle-free way to minimize or even eliminate their dynamic fine lines and wrinkles. It is also the perfect addition to comprehensive anti-aging plans that include other non-surgical treatments. To get all the facts about this popular treatment, book an appointment at Natural Results Medical Spa, located in Scottsdale. We would be happy to evaluate your facial features and determine whether or not BOTOX® injections can work for you. Contact us today to set up a consultation!